Shauneeta & Fabien’s Elopement


The year was 1992, I was 11yrs old when my first childhood crush began. I sat opposite him in class, marvelling at his intelligence. I spent my days writing down Fabien loves Shauneeta, and working out the percentage.. hehe

Then came high school & my crush went away, he moved to a new school.
At age 30, I found him again on FaceBook & we became friends..
On the 12th of February 2011, he kissed me on the warm sands along Umdloti beach & that was the point I realised, there’s a little something going on here…

4 years later to the day, we met again on that warm sandy beach to become one!
Just the two of us, two witnesses & a good and loyal friend who just rocked up to support us!
& of course our photographers of choice, Debbie & Jolandi!!

Even though the years were long & lonely,
This man was my first crush
He was my first boyfriend
He is my first love
The father of my child
…& as of 12th of Feb, he is now my husband!

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