Family Squares

I’m Debbie, a beach-loving Durban girl, passionate about photography and creating!  I see photography not only as a form of creative expression, but as a beautiful way to treasure memories and to capture precious moments.  I believe that pictures tell stories, share experiences, bring comfort and speak volumes.  To me, photographs are more than just pretty images – they hold within them a powerful connection, one that spans both time and space.  They are treasures forever!  I’m a big believer in all that is honest, authentic, simple and beautiful and my approach to a wedding reflects this.  My approach is gentle and creative, helping my couples to look and feel their most beautiful, in the most natural yet romantic way. I love to have my couples swathed in beautiful, natural light and I gently direct and style, using my knowledge of light and composition, to help make you and your photographs be their most beautiful.  My dream for your wedding is to connect with you, to have fun spending the day together, and to create picture memories that reflect who you are as a couple – your laughter, your joy and your intimacy.

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A little more about me…

 I absolutely love taking pictures, i love my incredible husband, my two precious boys and my family. I love chocolate (usually accompanied by a cup of tea), walks on the beach, summer evenings in Durban (and the winter ones, come to think of it) and i love Jesus! He is my saviour, my provider and my God. Everything that i do is as unto Him. I find myself the happiest when i am creating, be it writing, gardening, painting… and especially taking pictures. I love the power of pictures, the memories they hold and the connection they carry. I love to capture the beauty of the small details – the flower in your hair, the specially chosen earrings, a secret tear, the first time he sees you – as well as the magnitude of the big moments, like the moment that you say “I Do.”

Some fun ‘me’ facts…

I am a born-and-bred farm girl from a dairy farm in the Midlands… barefoot is first nature to me ;)

I love the bush, i love the berg and i love the sea! Nature is a real soul filler-upper for me, and when i’m outside i’m home.

I am in fact a qualified teacher, having taught for 5 years in Gauteng while studying photography.

My boys are my everything, especially the one i married ;) I love my family more than life itself and i am so truly blessed to have these amazing people in my life.

I am NOT a health fanatic :D In fact, chocolate, pizza, coke and burgers are my idea of awesome!!

I don’t do yoga, but i love sports – to watch as well as to participate in… and when i play, i play hard ;)

I take my work extremely seriously and i POUR myself into each shoot, each picture and each detail! I LOVE taking pictures that you’ll love :) :)

I can’t wait to meet you xxx

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